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IaaS is an abbreviation for Infrastructure as a Service, which refers to the ability to manage (typically virtualized) hardware by making calls to an API or by using a command-line client.

IaaS is a key component of any public cloud, but can also be used on-premises.

Elements of IaaS

Implementations vary, but typical IaaS providers cover the following aspects of infrastructure:

  • Creation, sizing, control, and destruction of machines / compute nodes
  • Configuration of persistent storage
  • Network configuration, including some basic aspects of Software-Defined Networking
  • DNS entries for machines
  • Some kind of inventory management system to enumerate existing resources
  • Integration with a disk imaging system, to provide basic OS installation
  • Integration with a Configuration Management System to configure the operating system and application stack

Examples of IaaS Providers

See Also

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  • SaaS - an abbreviation for 'Software as a Service', a model in which consumers of a software application connect to it via the network (typically either with a web browser, or programmatically using a web service), make requests, and receive results.
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