Disaster Porn

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Disaster Porn refers to conference presentations (or more rarely, blog posts) that examine the events leading up to an outage in a self-deprecating, open way. Such presentations can be extremely informative as to the (past) internal operations of an organization, and how the organization failed or succeeded in responding to challenges. Issues of scalability and Human Factors Analysis are often examined.

Disaster Porn is more popular with audiences on the more technical end of the spectrum, because of the sense of direct identification. However, the experiences shared can transcend particular technologies, and lead to "a-ha!" moments for listeners of all stripes.

See Also

  • [[Blameless Post-<ortem]], a private meeting in which incidents are explored, or the public document resulting from it
  • Surge, an annual conference with a reputation for Disaster Porn
  • DevOps Disaster Porn Tumblr, a blog which features Disaster Porn-style incidents.